The media has a lot to say about what kinds of gifts Mom & Dad “want” on their respective holidays. Now I can’t speak for all Mothers, but in my case, the thing I want most for Mother’s Day is usually sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sweet handmade card and flowers just as much as the next Mom… but what I most often want, but don’t usually get, is time to take care of myself. In the decade I’ve spent being a Mom, I have noticed that this doesn’t seem to be the case with my husband and most other Dads I know when it comes to Father’s Day. So, we reached out to our friends and family members who are Dads and asked them: “What do you *REALLY* want for Father’s Day?” Below are a few of our favorite responses & some all time favorite gifts from real Dads to give you some inspiration for the Fathers in your life.

One of the themes we heard time and again was, “Not all Dads drink beer and like sports.” As someone who is married to a man who loves beer but isn’t a massive sports fan, I completely understand this struggle. All of those gift inspiration lists you see online seem to be geared towards the “Rough & Rugged” Dad - which is great, if you have a Dad in your life who is into that. So even if your Dad doesn’t quite fit the internet’s idea of what Fatherhood looks like, here’s a couple fun ideas for Father’s Day: 

  • Prefer to stay in? No problem! Enjoy Dinner & a movie, AT HOME! Order their favorite carry-out and rent a movie they’ve been dying to see. For a fun decoration, attach a Father’s Day balloon to their favorite candy or beverage of choice- whether that’s a case of beer or a big pitcher of sweet tea. Make it extra memorable for the whole family by enjoying your dinner and movie from the pillowy comfort of a blanket fort!
  • Does your husband or Dad have a garage that seems to be exploding with tools? (If so, same.) Why not treat the handy-man in your life to the gift of organization with a sweet new tool bag or storage cabinet! They’ll love that you thought of something they’ll actually use, and you’ll love the added garage space! It’s a win/win. 
  • One friend got a Father’s Day gift that we absolutely loved- a Spa Day for the Bros! His wife contacted the wives of her husband’s best friends and arranged for the three of them to enjoy a massage and mani/pedi. To really make the day special, they also made a lunch reservation for after the spa, which resulted in three very full and relaxed Dads! Sounds like a good day to me! 
  • Make him something special that he’ll cherish forever! Get some paint and have your little (or big) kids leave their “mark” on something special just for him. (Handprints work great!) Maybe the Dad in your life is really into football? Get a football and have the kids decorate it for him. Maybe he collects hats? Buy yourself a solid colored hat at the craft store and get to painting! No matter what he’s into, the possibilities are endless with this fun craft idea the whole family will enjoy. 

Let’s talk New Fathers or Fathers-To-Be. All too often Dads are overlooked when a new baby is on the way. That’s why we created our new Dad & Baby Bundle Boxes- the perfect gift for all those new or soon-to-be Fathers! We designed these goodies with our Dad’s in mind, making each item durable & functional, while maintaining that washable softness SuiteBaby fans know & love. This set includes a bibdana, a bib & burping cloth all made with authentic recycled Army fatigues and complete with functioning pockets! In addition, we’ve included a Wooden Bowtie & Beard Comb made by CrotchetyCraftsman for Dad & two SuiteBaby Dinosaur plushies for their little one to enjoy. SuiteBaby Bundle Boxes are sent in Ready-to-Give packaging, with shipping included in the price. 

Remember: all Fathers are unique and these ideas may not work for every Dad. No matter what he’s into, there are so many ways to make this Father’s Day one he will remember forever. I hope this list gave you some new ideas for celebrating the Dads in your life. 

Check in with us next month, when we’ll be discussing some Summertime Pool Safety Tips we learned the hard way and showcasing some seriously jaw-dropping nursery ideas. You definitely won’t want to miss out! 

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