Fall has always been my favorite season. Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, tasty treats, and most importantly: HALLOWEEN! Some people say Halloween is really just for kids within a certain age range. Those people are wrong. Halloween is a magical time when anyone can pretend to be anything they want to be; and for just one night, no one will judge you for it. Want to dress up your entire family as the cast of Wizard of Oz?! Do it! This is one of the few holidays that was built around fun- don’t waste this chance to create memories with even your littlest Trick-Or-Treaters! Below are some fun ways to celebrate your SuiteBaby’s 1st Halloween without all the pressure. 

The first and most important thing we want to stress is to BE FLEXIBLE. As we all know- babies don’t care about the date on the calendar or that cute costume you bought for them. Your baby may be tired or fussy, may not like the way their outfit feels, or they may love their outfit but spit up all over it! These things happen to the best of us. Our hope is, with the tips below, you can roll with the punches and turn this into the BEST Halloween- no matter what parenthood throws your way. 
  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. While fun and frilly costumes may look adorable in the ads, odds are, they’re a huge pain in the butt to work with in real life. Think about it: do you want to wrestle a 4 piece costume onto an infant, and then repeat that process for every diaper change? Ever tried to clean spit-up out of tulle? How about poop? Exactly. Not a fun time. Personally, I’m a big fan of Onesies or PJ sets designed to *Look Like* costumes. All the cute with a fraction of the hassle and MUCH easier clean-up! Plus, costumes tend to be pricey; so why not get a few super cute washable (and cost effective!) Halloween outfits and that way, if one gets dirty, it’s not the end of the world.
  2. ACCESSORIZE! Maybe your baby just isn’t feeling the outfits, or you prefer a more simple approach but you still want them to look festive. No problem! How about some fun and functional Halloween Bibs & Bibdanas?! Cute, stylish, and designed to last longer than that stash of Fun-Size Snickers you have hidden in your nightstand.
  3. TRICK-OR-TREAT… kind of). While your little one cannot yet savor the spoils of the Holiday (candy…duh!) there’s no reason they can’t take part in the fun! Know some friends having a family-friendly costume party? Take them! My kids all enjoyed Trunk-Or-Treat parties & even a few smaller Trick-Or-Treat events at the local mall long before they ever went door to door. I’ve found events like these can be helpful to prepare them for all the sights & sounds they will encounter when they start Trick-Or-Treating for real. As my son entered the toddler years, we used smaller Halloween events to teach him about safety rules that he would eventually use when going Door-to-door with friends. (That said, it should go without saying, children of all ages should ALWAYS be supervised on Halloween and every other day of the year.) 
  4. MAKE ALL THE MEMORIES. Your baby may not remember this Halloween, but you will. This is (likely) the one and only Halloween you will have where you can dress your baby however you want and they can’t argue about it. You can hollow out a pumpkin and put them inside of it and they can’t beg you to stop or accuse you of being “that crazy camera lady.” This is a beautiful moment of parenthood and you should savor every second you can. See a pile of leaves on the way home from the park? Plop your baby in the middle and start snapping pics. That moment when your baby is fascinated by some spooky decorations at the store? Snap a quick video on your phone. Feeling crafty? Grab some paint and make some keepsakes with their little hand or foot prints, like these ones we found on Kid’s Play & Create. Dress up with your baby and snap some selfies or have a neighbor take a few pictures of your family in your snazzy outfits. It may seem like a small thing at that moment, but one day you will be thankful that you have something to remember this time and all the wonder that came with it. 
In the days of social media, it’s easy to feel pressured to do THE MOST for every single holiday and event in your baby’s life. The internet will have you believing that, if it doesn't look like it could be featured in a magazine, you missed the mark. While I do not personally subscribe to that mindset, I will say this: I have never once regretted doing the little things I do to make holidays like Halloween special- even if my kids are too young to appreciate it. Those memories are just as much for me as they are for them and I cherish them all. 

So, here’s to you, as you celebrate (what we hope will be) the 1st of MANY Happy Halloweens! 

You got this, Mama!
PS. We also have these super cute Fall Festival Bibs & Bibdanas if you're going for a more subtly festive look! (Or just really love fall and want ALL the cute bibs.) 
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