Naps. Whether your kids love them or hate them, all parents know one thing to be true: WE NEED NAP TIME. Babies and toddlers need naps to help their bodies grow and their minds to develop. Parents need naps to salvage their sanity. Maybe you use nap time to get some chores done, or do a little self-care. Or, maybe you use nap time to enjoy the silence and even take a nap yourself! No matter how you use it, we get how important this time is for both you and baby. So let's talk about some Nap Time Essentials that we have found make naps a whole lot more peaceful- for everyone involved!

When & How Long?

If you've made it this far in parenting, odds are that you've started to pick-up on, and even plan your day around, your little one's sleep schedule. While the amount of sleep a baby needs varies widely depending on your child's age, it's largely recommended that children under 2 years nap daily. While it's easy to say, "Just schedule nap time," we know all too well that isn't always possible. Sometimes nap time has to get moved around to accomodate an appointment. Sometimes your baby's mood will tell you when it's nap time. While creating a routine is a wonderful idea, they don't always work 100% of the time, especially with an active family lifestyle. AND THAT'S OKAY. So long as your baby is getting the rest they need to grow, you're doing awesome. 

Things That Help:

In addition to the obvious things, like a quiet space, we've found a few products that have been a game changer for Naptime in our household! 

Lovey Blankets are like a portable Hug! These miniature blankets are perfect for naptime, car rides, or those moments when they just need a little extra comfort. Thanks to the washable and travel-friendly design, they're ready to go no matter what life throws your way! 

Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, SuiteBaby Swaddles make the PERFECT nap time companion. Our swaddles are large enough to bundle your baby snug-as-a-bug or even act as a lightweight blanket for those bigger kiddos. 

Some kids need a white noise machine, some need a nightlight. This awesome product by Hatch is BOTH in one, and can be controlled right from your smartphone! 

If all else fails, break out the big artillery. SuiteBaby Blankets are like the bigger, cozier cousin of our Swaddle Blankets! Available in dozens of different prints and fabric finishes, there's sure to be a blanket that's just destined to be in your little one's nursery! 

In the end, you will have days when your baby just doesn't want to nap. It happens to the very best of us. On those days, take a deep breath and have some more coffee. YOU WILL SURVIVE THIS. (And, with any luck, they'll go to bed early!) But hopefully, with the aforementioned things in your arsenal, those days will be few and far between. 

Keep loving your babies, Mamas! You're doing great.


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